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Mold, mildew, bacteria, pollen and dust are present in almost every home. When left unchecked, these allergens can negatively impact the health and comfort of your family. We have solutions to combat household allergens and prevent their growth. By utilizing whole-house air cleaners, NADCA approved source removal duct cleaning & professionally installed whole-house humidity control systems; Tetteris HVAC LLC has the tools and knowledge to provide our customers with a healthy environment for their home. Call us today at (443) 676-8928 for more information.

Correct Humidity and Improve Your Quality of Life!

When the air in your home is too dry, chances are you'll end up feeling pretty uncomfortable for much of the winter. Low humidity is more than just a nuisance, though. If ignored for too long, it can have serious consequences for your health and the condition of your home. The moisture produced by a humidifier helps prevent these problems.

  • Stay healthier all winter - Dry air saps moisture from your body, potentially causing dry skin, dry eyes, and chapped lips. Nasal passages also lose moisture, impairing their ability to protect you from airborne germs and increasing the likelihood of nose bleeds. As if that wasn't bad enough, research suggests the flu virus lives longer in low humidity, giving it more opportunity to infect you when your defenses are low.Dry indoor air dries out and irritates the lining of the respiratory tract, meaning if you have asthma, you're likely to experience a chronic cough, especially at night, as well as more frequent asthma attacks. That's not only uncomfortable, but it also increases your risk of permanent airway damage. With sufficient indoor humidity, your body retains its normal moisture level, keeping your healthier.

  • Experience greater comfort - In addition to the health complaints dry air causes, it can also interfere with your basic comfort level. As dry air pulls moisture from your skin, it creates an evaporative cooling effect. This is exacerbated if you have air leaks around your home or an older heating system, both of which can create drafts.If this effect makes you feel just two degrees colder, you're likely to turn up the heat to get comfortable. A humidifier can help improve indoor air quality by adding enough moisture to prevent this cooling effect. If that lets you turn your heat down by 2 degrees, you stand to reduce heating bills by around 2 percent.

  • Avoid static shocks - Dry air makes it harder for electrons to discharge, leading to an imbalance of electrons on the metal objects in your home. Touch one of those objects and the electrons discharge against your skin, causing a static shock. These shocks are not only painful, but they can also damage electronics. The clingy clothes and frizzy hair static causes makes it all the more annoying.

  • Keep your home in good condition - Cracks in wood flooring and furniture, peeling wallpaper, and chipped plaster can all occur when dry air draws moisture out of these items. Paintings and wooden musical instruments can also sustain permanent damage in an excessively dry home. A humidifier can help improve indoor air quality enough to protect your belongings from this kind of damage.


Could you use some professional guidance on resolving your indoor humidity and air quality issues? If so, get in touch with Tetteris HVAC LLC. (443) 676-8928

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